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Our services are fast, discreet and of a very high quality. We offer the best academic writing services as we use qualified and experienced writers for you to get an excellent paper. There are thousands of websites that offer academic writing help, but people who get assistance from us say we are the top academic writers. We have a strong quality assurance team that review all documents before they are submitted to our clients. We are a legit writing services website. All of our documents are PLAGIARISM free.

Our Academic Services Suite

At Uncle Sam Editors, we offer an extensive range of customized academic writing solutions designed to cater to every student’s unique needs. Our suite of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Essay Writing: From argumentative essays to literary analyses, our experts craft well-structured, coherent, and thought-provoking essays that will impress your professors.
  • Research Papers: Dive into the depths of your subject matter with a meticulously researched paper. Our writers ensure your research is accurate, your methodology sound, and your conclusions compelling.
  • Dissertations and Theses: The crowning jewels of higher education, these extensive projects require expertise and dedication. We provide support through all stages, from proposal to final submission.
  • Case Studies: Analyzing real-life scenarios requires a balance of fact and narrative. Let us bring your case studies to life with engaging and insightful writing.
  • Term Papers: Culminate your term with a paper that encapsulates your learning. We’ll help you synthesize information and present it in a clear, well-organized format.
  • Literature Reviews: With a critical eye, we evaluate existing literature and synthesize a narrative that provides a foundation for your research.
  • Coursework Writing: Our holistic coursework assistance covers a wide array of subjects and formats – from science labs to business plans, we’ve got you covered.
  • Admissions Essays: Make a lasting impression on admission committees with a personal statement that highlights your strengths and aspirations in a genuine and persuasive manner.

Our Process – Scholarly Rigor Meets Writing Excellence

Our process is carefully designed to ensure the highest academic standards are met with every project we undertake.

  1. Consultation: We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your specific requirements, guidelines, and the nuances of your academic field.
  2. Research: Our writers initiate comprehensive research, sourcing information only from credible and authoritative databases, journals, and books.
  3. Planning and Structuring: Before putting pen to paper, we meticulously plan and structure your assignment to ensure a logical flow and a strong argument.
  4. Writing: Equipped with a strategic blueprint, our academic writers craft content that is intellectually rigorous, clear, and engaging.
  5. Citations and Referencing: We meticulously cite all sources and compile a comprehensive reference list/bibliography in your required citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).
  6. Review and Quality Assurance: Our editors thoroughly review the completed draft for academic integrity, ensuring all content is original, well-argued, and free from plagiarism.
  7. Revisions: Post-delivery, we are open to feedback and offer revisions to fine-tune your assignment to perfection.

Academic Writing Services Pricing

See our usual prices below. These prices are not set in stone! Pricing will vary from client to client due to different needs. For a more specific quote please contact us and we will get back to you quickly.

1. Dissertation Writing Services

These per chapter prices usually apply to dissertations up to 15000 words. This also excludes the data analysis chapter as that may need a separate data analyst.

Undergraduate and Masters Pricing Per CHAPTER

Grade24 Hours48 Hours3 days5 Days7 Days10 Days
Guaranteed Pass$220$180$130$110$90$60

PhD Pricing Per CHAPTER

Grade24 Hours48 Hours3 days5 days7 Days10 Days
Guaranteed Pass$750$660$550$440$330$220

2. Research Proposal Writing Services

Undergraduate and Masters Pricing

Grade24 Hours48 Hours3 Days5 Days7 Days10 Days
Standard Pass$220$140$110$90$80$75

PhD Research Proposal Pricing

Grade12 Hours24 Hours2 Days3 Days5 Days7 Days
Standard Pass$500$450$400$300$250$220

3. Assignment Writing Services Pricing

Per Page

Grade24 Hours48 Hours3 Days5 Days7 Days10 Days
Standard Pass$9$8$7$6$5$4

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Our Academic Writers

With a diverse team that ranges from seasoned academics to subject matter experts, Uncle Sam Editors brings together individuals with advanced degrees and extensive writing experience. Our writers are adept at navigating the rigors of academic guidelines and possess the critical thinking skills necessary to produce exemplary scholarly work.

Our Commitment to Integrity and Excellence

At Uncle Sam Editors, we uphold the highest ethical standards in academic writing. We ensure the originality of our work with stringent anti-plagiarism checks and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients. Our goal is to support your educational achievements while fostering your individual growth as a scholar.

Start Your Journey to Academic Success

Whether you’re an undergraduate grappling with the basics or a postgraduate in the throes of advanced research, Uncle Sam Editors is your gateway to academic success. Reach out to us for support that’s tailored, scholarly, and designed to help you excel. Contact us today to learn how we can elevate your academic work and to get a personalized quote for our services.

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